Network #6 - Game Re-Branding, Teaser Release and more     11/05/2012
Some of you may be aware, we have recently decided to completely re-brand our upcoming title previously known as "Time Lost" due to a few rather large and much needed revisions to the game which generally resulted in a large scale overhaul to the game including a fairly significant change to the story line, overall quality and game-play. After much careful thought and consideration we re-branded our game to "Network" as it deemed slightly more appropriate due to the story line which will be outlined in the near future. Also with re-branding we plan to start releasing content as soon as it becomes available, in addition we are currently working on removing any old "Time Lost" references, threads, advertisements and replacing them with the newly  branded content.

 Also alongside our recent re-branding we have accomplished so much. We have managed to make a rather large media release recently with the long awaited and promised environmental teaser video which you can find on our official YouTube channel or alternatively below on Indiedb. This specific video's main purpose is to show a fairly long but detailed fly through of the level. We understand that we could have polished both the level and the VFX in the video a little more however we didn't want to prolong it any further. That said we may be uploading a revised version of the SpaceStation teaser video in the near future.

We have also been pushing a lot of other things alongside the rebranding of the game, we have changed the general art style of our game quite considerably. That said some of the new concept art/screenshots you see will be fairly different to what you would normally see. Below I have made a rather large collage of all of our main pieces of concept art/screenshots including our newest character concept for the sniper character. In the next update I plan to bring a few teaser screenshots from our second level the subway along with a variety of other goodies. 

Now that we have a fair bit of content ready to be pushed out of the network in both image and video format we would like to put a notice out saying that we are now looking for a dedicated VFX team member to help raise the bar and overall quality of our videos. As a part of the VFX team on Network you would be required to do a variety of different things including trailers, intros, cinematics and more. For more information go to our recruitment page at