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Virtus Studios strives to develop a variety of games within a multitude of genres and aim to give the player the utmost highest level of interactivity, intensity and completely unique game play style whilst creating an astonishing level of immersion and maintaining the high standard of quality that gamers love and deserve. Below you can check out our showcased titles in development, don't forget we will add more as time/man power allows us to develop more games. You can click on the game related images to go to their associated pages.

Network - F2P First Person Shooter
Network is an up-coming free-to-play shooter game developed by Virtus Studios, powered by UE set in its own unique futuristic sci-fi world. The game focuses on tight combat, a dense atmosphere and a high quality visual fidelity. The game is strictly multiplayer only, meaning maximum quality of the game in the multiplayer regard bringing you pure multiplayer dedicated and brilliant. Network has its own unique game modes, classes and ranking system, filled with persistent options to enhance your character with new gear, items and personalization options. Whether playing as the nimble Scout class or the beefy Tank class, Network strives to deliver gameplay and visual/graphical fidelity on a level that most free-to-play FPS game can't match.
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