What is Network?
Network is an up-coming free-to-play first person shooter game developed by Virtus Studios set in its own unique, futuristic, sci-fi world. The game focuses on tight combat, a dense atmosphere and a high quality visual fidelity. The game is strictly multiplayer only, meaning maximum quality of the game in the multiplayer regard bringing you pure multiplayer dedicated brilliance. Network has its own unique game modes, classes and ranking system, filled with persistent options to enhance your character with new gear, items and personalization options. Whether playing as the nimble Scout class or the beefy Tank class, Network strives to deliver gameplay and visual/graphical fidelity on a level that most free-to-play FPS game can't match.

Development Background
Network has been in active development since late 2012 by our talented team of 20+ Individuals with the development/progression really peaking towards the very end of the 2012 and following into 2014, the game has changed quite significantly over the duration of the development including a complete re-branding allowing a high level of quality and an array of different possibilities for the game. The project is under heavy development and has an expected alpha release of late 2014 targeting the PC platform.

Associated Pages
Below you can find all the links to official pages for Network including social media, recruitment and any other Network oriented/associated pages allowing you to stay up to date and generally well informed. Don't forget you can also check out our showcased content below.

Content Disclaimer
Please keep in mind that all content shown on this and other websites is a work in progress and is not an official quality representation of the final product and has/is subject to change, in addition not all content created for the project has been published here due to spacial constraints.

Feel free to check out a select few of the development team from the link here.

Network // In-game Screenshots
Network // Concept Art
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